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Coils: Chapter 3, Hatred Rising
The two of them reached Natalee’s home and she brought the now human snake man to her room, where she took out some clothes from the closet to give to him. He stared at what she gave him, then looked back at the woman, not knowing what to do.
“You slip your upper body in that…” she pointed at the dark grey sweater. “Then you put on the one with 3 holes in it up your legs.”
The man looked down at his clothes again before slipping his head into the sweater, only he started with the wrong side. Natalee sighed, then pulled the shirt off him then decided to dress him herself.
“Why do you humans wear these things?” he asked. “I know you need to wear clothing to hide your modesty and evade the cold, but why do they look… different?”
“What do you mean?” Natalee looked back at him, pulling up his pants.
“Well, women used to only wear dresses and men would wear whatever attire is suited. Now, even women wear the
:iconjasmination:Jasmination 10 4
Coils: Chapter 2, Suddenly Human
It’s been almost a week since the incident. There was a funeral for Ryan and the police had caught professor Joe Craven, who has been accused for the murder of Ryan Grande but was sent to a mental institute instead of spending a life sentence in jail because he had been declared insane by the court. He was rambling about the monster having eaten his partner, but most believed that he was just making up a story to hide the suspicions behind her disappearance. While Mary Craven had been marked as ‘missing’, Joe Craven is currently serving the rest of his life in a nut house.
As for Natalee, she was still in her old summer house, grieving over the loss of her brother. The poor girl had been sitting in the kitchen with nothing but her favorite drink, raspberry lemonade, and a photo album full of her family’s pictures. She had been in a daze ever since she woke up an hour ago at 6 AM, staring at the pictures of her childhood photos.
She got up from her chair and head
:iconjasmination:Jasmination 11 3
Coils: Chapter 1, A Few Days Later
There was a little house in the middle of the forest, where a young woman had just arrived, carrying her luggage after getting out of the cab. Her chocolate brown eyes looked at the old house with glee as she took out the key and went to unlock the front door.
She was greeted to a room with nothing but a couch, a couple of comfy chairs, with a television set on the opposite side of the room away from the chairs. Carrying her suitcase, the girl took off her sandals then went to the bedroom to set it down. Before she could even begin to unpack, she cleaned the house to give it a fresher look, removing any traces of dust on any surface. There were no insects to be found, surprisingly.
After she was done, the young lady quickly unpacked her bag and changed into a simple white dress, excited to go out and enjoy the scenery of the forests this summer. She had been coming to this house every summer since she was just a little girl, for it was what she and her family did as tradition. They wou
:iconjasmination:Jasmination 16 6
Coils: Intro
Deep in the forest at a river, a young woman was out on the balcony of her houseboat, armed with a gun and keeping a cautious eye out. She curly brown hair, freckles spread over her cheeks like stars across the milky way, and two golden orbs looking at her surroundings with serious awe. She was so focused that she jumped when she heard her phone ring while vibrating in her pocket. "Jesus..." she exclaimed to herself as she reached for her phone to see that it was her boss, much to her dismay.
"You still there?" her boss said on the phone.
"Yeah, man." she replied. "I think some new bait will be arriving at this house I found."
"Really? I'm getting pretty excited. What makes you so sure?"
During the conversation, the woman felt the boat wobble, making her suspect that something was near.  "Hello?" the voice said on the phone.
"I'll call you back." she hung up, setting the phone on the table inside of the houseboat through a window. The boat wobbled again, this time more violently,
:iconjasmination:Jasmination 12 7
Make Spidey Spectacular Again :iconjasmination:Jasmination 49 31 Belle :iconjasmination:Jasmination 39 31
Here they come! Behold, my art.


{Com} Nia :iconmogadeer:MogaDeer 10 12 Living Forever :iconjackfreak1994:jackfreak1994 2,956 363 Group drawing :iconwolfdragonblood:wolfdragonblood 19 70 W.I.P (still adding in people not done yet) :iconwolfdragonblood:wolfdragonblood 8 9 Profile Character Variety Sketches :iconluigil:LuigiL 197 13 The Sea Giant and Human :iconwolfdragonblood:wolfdragonblood 8 13 {Com} Aliens are bug eyed monsters... :iconmogadeer:MogaDeer 9 3 {Com} Well, this is J. Jonah Jameson... :iconmogadeer:MogaDeer 10 2 {Com} Dr. Linksanopus :iconmogadeer:MogaDeer 5 3 Friends 3 :iconhinatafox790:HinataFox790 13 22 Face elements tutorial :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 1,023 15 Starfire in Nia Cosplay :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 56 23 The Beauty of Stick Figures - Gesture Drawing :iconjujibla:JujiBla 235 9 Gift - Natalee :iconwolfdragonblood:wolfdragonblood 4 2 Christmas Time 2016 - Memory Making Time :iconanimeria:Animeria 20 22 Another commission! :iconbevtoole:BevToole 21 3
I love these! They're so awesome that I just wanted them!


This is so far, the creepiest sketch of Pinhead I have seen so far. I have never seen him with a large, toothful smile nor have I ever ...

It's art is excellent. It has no flaws and is very colorful. This MickeyMonster should be the new concept artist for the show. The come...


• W.I.T.C.H
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• Roald Dahl
• Jamie Hewlett
• Pendleton Ward
• Hayao Miyazaki
• Guillermo Del Toro
• Genndy Tartakovski
• Jeff Matsuda
• Bruce Timm
• Tetsuya Nomura
• Greg Weisman
:iconfyre-flye: (Lauren Faust)
:iconcmcc: (Craig McCracken)
:iconcheeks-74: (Sean Galloway)

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Live-action shows and movies:

• Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV series)
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• The Avengers (2012)
• The Harry Potter series


The Amazing SirCrazyLot

Seriously, guys. This girl's been on DeviantArt for 6 years and the amount of people that watch her should be more than that.

:iconbevtoole: is one of the most underrated amazing artists on this site. Give her all the attention she deserves. Even her comic looks great.

Here's one of her Time Lapse videos to see how she does her stuff. 1st full time lapse by BevToole

Her project: The Courier poster by BevToole:thumb355506687:The site/web comic is alive! by BevToole

Burning the midnight oil -screenshot- by BevTooleWelcome to the family by BevTooleThe Crew by BevToolesketch of the crew by BevTooleIntroducing by BevToole

Her works: The Pirates of the Mala Suerte by BevToole
His name ment 'Happy' by BevToolepratice with shadows by BevToole The Diner Empress by BevTooleAwe Of She by BevToole The Troublemaker-Informant by BevTooleWarmup sketch by BevToole


Who here knows Thrill Kill? 

71 deviants said Have no clue.
7 deviants said I do, actually.


Who here knows Thrill Kill?
71 deviants said Have no clue.
7 deviants said I do, actually.
Very depressing song. Then again, this was for Silent Hill 3. Fun fact: that's Connie's mom singing the song. 
Well, I just learned some stuff about Venom that I didn't. Like, he can go invisible?!!!…
For those who've played Mortal Kombat as a child, did your parents ever react to how violent the game was? Did they know it was violent but let you play it, or did they immediately get rid of it? I genuinely wanna know.
Sony's reeaaaally pissing me off now. Really? A Venom movie? Both your movie-verses are dead, and the one that had him was killed off. Let the MCU handle this, not you, Sony. Stay the f*** away from Venom. Mad Sparkles 


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Jasmine Shawarma :P
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Arab Emirates
Hiya. Welcome to my account. :D

Don't be afraid to talk to me. I'll respond as long as you are nice. And do not be afraid to criticize some of my works. I'll take it in and use it to improve my skills. After all, nobody's perfect. ^^

My motto:

"There's no such thing as normal. We are all strange in our own ways."

Daft Punk Stamp by InuyashaServant Gorillaz stamp by stanleykamui Lordi by ovstamps
Stamp - Rammstein by KanaScott Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

Gurren Lagann Stamp by BLUE-F0X Kill la Kill Stamp by sennketsu stamp - kiznaiver by choroxmatsu
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Space Dandy Stamp v.3 by aFiend Flip Flappers stamp by stampswhore Hellsing Ultimate Stamp by LinkMasterXP
Stamp-ergo-proxy-vincent by TheDarkHyena
Team Four Star Abridge Stamp by Dbzbabe
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CARTOON Network Stamp by meteored Stamp- Support 2D Animation by Fyuvix
Live-Action on Cartoon Network by Kitschensyngk CGI isn't that bad by SimbaTheHuman

Super Smash Stamp by Kyllian Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku Mortal Kombat stamp by Metadream

W.I.T.C.H 23 by princess-femi-stamps Scott Pilgrim stamp by 5-3-10-4

And also:

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More stamps, anyone? >w>

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Sweet tooth... by PixieRiot Troll 2011 Stamp by MissBezz Stamp: I Love Cute Things by starfire-wolf
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Steampunk Stamp FTW :3 by Ipnorospo Buffy by phantom

Feature Feature tag

Thu Feb 9, 2017, 4:27 PM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Commented on :iconkuberish:'s tagged journal so I guess fair's fair.

The first fifteen people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 

If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.

1. :iconkuberish:
The shocked kubes by kuberish
Freak like me by kuberish Boo by kuberish

2. :iconrchlisnomsome:
Random Noodles by RchlisNomSome Cheeky Jello-man by RchlisNomSome

Mature Content

Revenge is Sweet by RchlisNomSome

3. :iconsoundbreaker1235:

the 13th doctors sonic screwdriver by soundbreaker1235 doctor who? the animated series 1 poster by soundbreaker1235 the miraculous kid arachnid by soundbreaker1235

4. :iconcharlotte199056:
Toxic Love by charlotte199056 Be my Valentine by charlotte199056 Meeting Smaug by charlotte199056

5. :iconlostsouls99: 
CrossIcon by LostSouls99

Mature Content

sapphirelink commission by LostSouls99
a jessy love (reward) by LostSouls99

6. :icondinoart65:
Gift doodles by DinoArt65 Jason learns Final Heaven by DinoArt65 Dromaeons by DinoArt65

7. :icongreenha:
oh  $#!* by GreenHa I Made Boom Boom by GreenHa
Japan's Perks by GreenHa

8. :iconearwiggy:
The Cloak by Earwiggy

Mature Content

Those Bloody Parasites [WARNING: BLOOD] by Earwiggy
Derp by Earwiggy

9. :iconmythrilmog:
Something in the shelves -GT- by MythrilMog Stay put. [GT] by MythrilMog Will this do? -GT- by MythrilMog

Commission Prices


Bust-shot= 2$

Fullbody= 4$

Additional Character= +1$


Bust-shot= 3$

Fullbody= 6$

Additional Character= +2$

Colored or Greyscale:

Bust-shot= 4$

Fullbody= 8$

Additional Character= +3$

Colored or Greyscale /w Background:

Bust-shot= 5$

Fullbody= 10$

Additional Character= +4$


10 panels a page.

Sketch: 10$ per page

Lineart: 15$ per page

Colored or Greyscale: 20$ per page

Colored or Greyscale /w background: 25$ per page

Additional Character: +5$

Extra panel: +3$


Mar 27, 2017
12:26 am
Mar 26, 2017
10:47 pm
Mar 26, 2017
5:25 pm
Mar 26, 2017
3:06 pm
Mar 25, 2017
6:05 pm



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