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Look at these... Just look at these. Are they amazing or are they amazing?


I love these! They're so awesome that I just wanted them!


PINHEAD by CliveBarker

This is so far, the creepiest sketch of Pinhead I have seen so far. I have never seen him with a large, toothful smile nor have I ever ...

Discord's Pony Hunt by Mickeymonster

It's art is excellent. It has no flaws and is very colorful. This MickeyMonster should be the new concept artist for the show. The come...


• W.I.T.C.H
• Scott Pilgrim

• Tsubasa Chronicles
• One Piece
• Dragon Ball Z
• Kill La Kill
• Puella Magi Madoka Magica
• Black Bird


• Alessandro Barbucci
• Barbara Cancepa
• Elisabetta Gnone
• Joss Whedon
• Mike Mignola
• Glen Keane
• Tomm Moore
• Eiichiro Oda
• Clamp
• William Joyce
• Bryan Lee O’Malley
• Roald Dahl
• Jamie Hewlett
• Pendleton Ward
• Hayao Miyazaki
• Guillermo Del Toro
• Genndy Tartakovski
:iconfyre-flye: (Lauren Faust)
:iconcmcc: (Craig McCracken)

Video games:
• Kingdom Hearts
• Legend Of Zelda
• Sonic
• Super Smash Bros.
• Mortal Kombat


• Avatar: The Last Airbender
• Gargoyles
• Samurai Jack
• Kim Possible
• Steven Universe
• Adventure Time
• Rise Of The Guardians
• Hercules
• Treasure Planet
• Wreck-it Ralph
• Aladdin
• Secret Of Kells
• Song Of The Sea
• Powerpuff Girls
• My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
• Atlantis: The Lost Empire
• Beauty And The Beast
• Castle In The Sky
• Spirited Away
• Howl’s Moving Castle


• Paramore
• Yuki Kaijura
• Yoko Shimomura
• Gorillaz
• Metric
• Owl City
• DyE
• Baby Metal
• Evanescence
• Sia
• Dionysus
• Indila
• Kalafina
• Daft Punk

Live-action shows and movies:

• Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV series)
• Firefly/Serenity
• Labyrinth
• Pan’s Labyrinth
• The Avengers (2012)
• The Harry Potter series


The Amazing SirCrazyLot

Seriously, guys. This girl's been on DeviantArt for 6 years and the amount of people that watch her should be more than that.

:iconbevtoole: is one of the most underrated amazing artists on this site. Give her all the attention she deserves. Even her comic looks great.

Here's one of her Time Lapse videos to see how she does her stuff. 1st full time lapse by BevToole

Her project: The Courier poster by BevToole:thumb355506687:The site/web comic is alive! by BevToole

Burning the midnight oil -screenshot- by BevTooleWelcome to the family by BevTooleThe Crew by BevToolesketch of the crew by BevTooleIntroducing by BevToole

Her works: The Pirates of the Mala Suerte by BevToole
His name ment 'Happy' by BevToolepratice with shadows by BevToole The Diner Empress by BevTooleAwe Of She by BevToole The Troublemaker-Informant by BevTooleWarmup sketch by BevToole


Who watches Star Vs The Forces Of Evil? 

19 deviants said Me! OuO
10 deviants said Whazzat? O.o (comment and I'll tell ya :3)
8 deviants said Nah.


Ofelia by Jasmination
The main character from Pan's Labyrinth. I love Guillermo Del Toro, and I love his works, especially in dark fantasy stories. I'm pretty excited for Crimson Peak which also features one of my favorite actors and I can't wait for the horror to rise. :D

Ofelia belongs to Guillermo Del Toro.
Art is mine.
It’s been almost a week since the incident. There was a funeral for Ryan and the police had caught professor Joe Craven, who has been accused for the murder of Ryan Grande but was sent to a mental institute instead of spending a life sentence in jail because he had been declared insane by the court. He was rambling about the monster having eaten his partner, but most believed that he was just making up a story to hide the suspicions behind her disappearance. While Mary Craven had been marked as ‘missing’, Joe Craven is currently serving the rest of his life in a nut house.

As for Natalee, she was still in her old summer house, grieving over the loss of her brother. The poor girl had been sitting in the kitchen with nothing but her favorite drink, raspberry lemonade, and a photo album full of her family’s pictures. She had been in a daze ever since she woke up an hour ago at 6 AM, staring at the pictures of her childhood photos.

She got up from her chair and headed to the fridge to get something to eat, and when she opened the fridge door, the young lady realized that there wasn’t a lot of food. There was barely even anything left in the sauce bottle. Natalee slapped her head and remembered that she hadn’t done any grocery shopping recently. With a sigh, Natalee got up and fetched her coat, purse, and a gun for protection before heading out.

Deep in the forests, the scaly monster was resting up in a tree, his coils dangling from the branches as the beast snoozed in the shade of the collected leaves.  However, his sleep was disturbed when he felt the painful pangs beneath his ribcage again, crying out in agony once more before falling from the tree onto the ground.

When he fell, a yelp was heard. The creature felt that he had landed on someone and got up to see that it was that girl from a while ago, now face down against the ground. He was shocked to see this, and looked around to see if anyone else was nearby to make sure that she was alone.

“Ugh…” Natalee grunted, slowly trying to get up. The monster’s weight was quite massive, and it left quite an impact on the girl.
“You!” the creature said in a gravelly, growling voice, getting the human’s attention. Her eyes widened the moment she saw the scaly being once again, panicking while backing up against the tree.

“What are you…” he groaned again from the pain, his hand over where it hurt. “What are you doing here, human? And without your escort?”
“Please…” the girl tried to reason with the angry beast, her eyes noticing that his tail coiled around her. “I-I don’t want any trouble. I was just heading for town.”

He stood over the terrified human, his shadow looming over the poor thing. Natalee could then hear a low rumble coming from within his snake tail, and she saw a look of hunger in the creature’s blue eyes. “Uh, I should be going right now.”
“What’s the hurry?”
“I need groceries.”
“What for?”
“Food.” She grinned nervously. “I really need to go right now.”
The young woman tried to pull herself out of his coils, but they tightened, restricting her movements.

“Don’t think that I will let you go that easily.” He huffed. “I still haven’t forgotten about what your boyfriend did to me.”
“No, no, no!” she began to panic, trying to reach for her gun. “L-Let go right now!”
“How dare you speak to me that way, you insolent…” his speech was interrupted when Natalee’s arm managed to slip out with her gun, pointing her weapon at the ferocious monster.

Her finger started squeezing the trigger, but her gun was snatched up by the creature, who held it out of her reach. And with one hand did he snap the gun open, shaking out the bullets and then stuffing the broken gun into his mouth, swallowing it. The brunette was definitely in big trouble now.

“Not very smart.” The reptile glared, showing off his razor sharp teeth. The end of his tail curled around the human’s neck, the girl realizing to her horror what was going to come next. With her defenses all down and her chances to escape gone, it seemed that Natalee was fated to end up a meal for the voracious snake, and she closed her eyes tight as she embraced herself for what was going to happen.

But instead of feeling his tail twisting her head or crushing her neck, Natalee heard shouts of pain. As a matter of fact, the restriction of his coils were looser as well, giving her the advantage to escape. She opened her eyes to see what was going on and saw the snake man writhing on the grass, his hand over his ribcage and his back arching upwards. By the looks of it, the creature was suffering from a wound, but there weren’t any injuries around his humanoid half, then she realized from his tail that there was no wound there, either. She knew that’s where her brother stabbed him, but it had vanished completely now.

As she watched, Natalee noticed that the monster was gradually getting smaller, his scales disappearing and his tail shrinking. Judging by how louder his screams were, the process was causing him a lot of harm, especially when his tail started splitting into two.

Backed against the tree, all Nat could do was watch with fascination and horror as the reptile painfully transformed. His split tail gained joints and little toes were forming at the ends, and his smoothened skin changed from a ghost white complexion to a fair, peachy color. His sharp teeth was changing in shape as well, flattening them into square-shaped pearls, and his eyes went from a iris-less, sharp pupil in a blue-green background to a pair of round  blue-green orbs with circular pupils.

The creature’s suffering had ended and the transformation had been complete. He now laid on the ground no longer a giant snake monster, but a human. Natalee was in shock from what she had just witnessed, unsure if what she just saw was real.

Struggling to sit up, the now human male saw the woman sitting against the tree, staring at him. He was baffled at her reaction until he looked down to see that his body had been replaced with a human’s, much to his horror. “Wh-What… on earth?” the raven-haired man wasn’t taking this very well, trying to stand on his hind legs but ended up falling back to the ground on his new knees. He looked back at the girl, confused and terrified.

“I-I didn’t do anything.” Natalee shook her head, denying that she had something to do with him turning into a human.
“Of course you didn’t do anything.” He snapped. “No human has the ability to use magic unless it were taught to them.”
She was a little annoyed by his stingy personality towards her.
“What happened, then?”

“I am not sure…” he grunted, unable to get back up. The woman started to feel sorry for the helpless man and approached him with caution in case he tries to hurt her.
“Let me help you up.” she offered a hand, but he growls at her, threatening the brunette to stay away.
“Why would you help me after what I tried to do to you?” he glared, not trusting the human while rubbing his cold arms. His original body could withstand cold weather, but in this condition his body couldn’t stand it.
“Let me ask you this.” Nat crossed her arms. “Who else will help you?”

She made a good point there. With reluctance, the man took his hand out and she helped him up. “If you try anything to me, you will deeply regret it.” He warned her in a serious tone.  
“I promise not to do anything bad to you.” Natalee replied. “But in return, if you do manage to turn back into… whatever you were before, you spare my life and leave me be.”

“You…” he should’ve seen this coming when she offered to help. “Fine, you have my word. It’s only fair.”
“Good.” She nodded. “Now, let’s get you home. You’re shaking like a leaf.”
Coils: Chapter 2, Suddenly Human
Okay, here's where Kale is turned into a human, and is being helped by Natalee even though he tried to kill her. That's how much of a sweetheart she really is. ^^

Update: Big changes, obviously. Joe Craven had been arrested and sent to a mental institution instead leaving the other suggestion that he disappeared. I decided to use the character for a different plot point that will occur in the Whispers series. I even made Natalee less naive than she was before because if you were gonna help someone who tried to kill you earlier, you would bargain for your life to save theirs. And I made the transformation scene reeeaaally painful for Kale. I know, I'm pretty harsh on him but people who unwillingly turn into werewolves go through a lot of pain as well.

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 3:…
New ID by Jasmination
New ID
Check out my rockin' hair! GIF Steven Universe - What do I call this? 

Yeah, I actually got a hair cut, and I'm happier with it because it suits my personality. Even my mom and sis say that I look better like this. Finally, I can have open hair all the time instead of a tangled mess that just ruins my style! :dummy:

Art is mine and this grinning weirdo is me. =w=


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Jasmine Sawalma
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Arab Emirates
Hiya. Welcome to my account. :D

Don't be afraid to talk to me. I'll respond as long as you are nice. And do not be afraid to criticize some of my works. I'll take it in and use it to improve my skills. After all, nobody's perfect. ^^

My motto:

"There's no such thing as normal in this world. We are all strange in our own ways."

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Just moved into my dorm

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 17, 2015, 9:05 AM

And so far... it's all good. :3

It's really puny, tbh, but it's comfy and at least I've got what I need for a simple room like a closet, a bathroom (which is so small that it's almost like a closet O_o), a bed, a table with drawers, and free wi-fi. ^^

I must note that I do NOT have a room mate because I do not want one and because everybody's got their own room with their own bathroom. The only thing we share is the kitchen, but we get our own kitchenware.

And on the bright side, I can get help with my studies now that I'm living close to my uni, and I'll be able to relax and possibly read a bible that was already in my room...

...Did I mention that I'm in a Christ Church University?

Also, is it normal to have your room key as a card? Just asking because this is my first time living in a dorm.

  • Mood: Neutral

Commission Prices


Bust-shot= 2$

Fullbody= 4$

Additional Character= +1$


Bust-shot= 3$

Fullbody= 6$

Additional Character= +2$

Colored or Greyscale:

Bust-shot= 4$

Fullbody= 8$

Additional Character= +3$

Colored or Greyscale /w Background:

Bust-shot= 5$

Fullbody= 10$

Additional Character= +4$


10 panels a page.

Sketch: 10$ per page

Lineart: 15$ per page

Colored or Greyscale: 20$ per page

Colored or Greyscale /w background: 25$ per page

Additional Character: +5$

Extra panel: +3$


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11:20 pm
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Oct 6, 2015
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