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Kingdom Hearts 3
Destination: The Game Station

Kairi was wandering around a strange place she has never seen before; an entire place made of candy. At first, this rather interests her until something comes up from behind her. We have yet to know of her fate.

Destination: Hollow Bastion

Sora, Donald and Goofy had just arrived and meet Merlin on the way. "Ah, Sora, Donald, Goofy. How nice to see you again."
"Great to see you too, Merlin." Donald replied. Goofy asked the old wizard "Is there anythin' we can help ya with?"
"Oh, no no. Everything's fine. Especially since you helped young Arthur realize his destiny."
"Oh, nothing to it." Sora said proudly.
Merlin suddenly remembered something he wanted to tell the trio. "Ah, yes, I've almost forgotten. One of your friends came by looking for you. Who was it? Uh… Kairi, that's it!"
Sora jumped with surprise. "Kairi?! Where is she now?"
"She told me to tell you to meet her at an arcade that had just opened up here."
"Arcade?" Sora asked. Goofy said "Hmm, do you suppose there might be another keyhole hidden there?"
Merlin reassured them that it had nothing to do with their mission. Kairi said that she had a surprise to show Sora.
"A surprise? Really?" Sora smiled with joy. "Well, what are we waiting for?" said Donald, "Let's not keep her waiting."


Sora, Donald and Goofy had finally arrived at the new arcade. "Litwak's Arcade" Sora said as he read the sign above the entrance. "I guess this is the place."
Donald thought he had heard the name "Litwak" before, but where and when?
As our heroes enter the arcade, they see many games to play with, and the flashing lights along with the crazy sounds made the place all the more exciting. "Whoa!" they said in amazement.
"Gawrsh, this place sure is colorful." Goofy chuckled.
As Sora looked around, he heard a familiar tune going "S-U-G-A-R, Jump into your racing kart, say SUGAR RUSH! SUGAR RUSH!"
Sora immediately recognized it as one of Kairi's favorite games she played with when she was a child. He began to reminisce the times he and Kairi played Sugar Rush when they were little. Kairi would always pick the main character, whose name Sora had long forgotten, though he did remember her name had the words sounding like "Vanilla" in it. And everytime he and Kairi played Sugar Rush, she'd always win.
But now, Sora had noticed something different the moment a kid (the moppet girl from the original movie) started to play the game and saw that Kairi's favorite character wasn't on the character select list. Just some new, strange character named King Candy, which he had never heard of before. Sora shrugged it off thinking that the game just got updated, but Goofy was the only one to notice the girl who Kairi always chose still had her picture on the side of the arcade machine. Sora's attention was then directed to something else when he hears something he had never heard in such a long time. "I can fix it!"
The moment Sora heard those familiar words, he turned and saw a Fix-it Felix jr. Arcade game, much to his delight.
"Fix-it Felix! My favorite game of all time!" Sora said as he rushed to the game screen.
His excitement was then changed to confusion when he saw Fix-it Felix looking worried and the Nicelanders running around. He also noticed that the video game bad guy, Wreck-it Ralph, is nowhere to be seen. "Where's the wrecking guy?"
Felix kept saying "Ralph" as he jumped around, then disappeared out of the screen. "That was weird." Sora said.
Donald then realized that Kairi's nowhere in sight. "Say, where's Kairi?" he quacked.
Sora began to focus his attention on finding Kairi. "Oh, right. We were supposed to find her somewhere around this place. Maybe she somewhere else here."
Goofy stated "But Sora, don't you suppose she'd be waiting right here in this arcade? I mean, this could be the surprise she was gonna show ya."
Sora realized that Goofy might be right, and that's what worries him. But then Sora had another thought. "Maybe she went out to get us some sea-salt ice cream?"
"Sora." Donald said as he and Goofy gave Sora a serious look.
Sora sighed "You're right. What'd be an even bigger surprise than things from you and your friend's childhood?"
He began to fear that something bad might've happened to Kairi. Even though she was a key bearer like him, she is still in training. However, he knew that Organization XIII didn't kidnap her because he knew that she wasn't that weak.
Suddenly, a middle-aged man, wearing glasses and a mustache, came up to the trio.
"Say, are you three looking for a young woman with red hair?"
They all turned to the man and Sora answered "Yes, we are. Do you know where she went?"
"Well, last time I saw her she went out back, then I saw a flashing light and she was gone."
Sora, Donald and Goofy are struck with shock. "Y-you don't suppose…" Goofy stuttered. They all rushed to the back door and saw an oddly shaped one next to the doorway. It looked like a vault and had a keyhole on it.
"My, my. If she went through there, then she must be one of the key bearers I've heard so much about." the man said.
"You know about the keyblades?" Sora asked in surprise. "I may seem like some regular man blissfully ignorant of the other things of this world, but I'd never forget the lessons I've learned from my old friend Ansem."
Donald realized that the man is Litwak, whom King Mickey had told Donald all about. Litwak was another one of Ansem's friends who'd always treat him with ice cream, which Ansem loved to eat.
"So you're that Litwak!" Donald said as he pointed at him. Sora asked Litwak in a hurry "Tell me, where does this door lead to? Is Kairi gonna be safe in there?"
"Don't worry. This door only leads to a world of games. My games, to be more specific." Litwak stated.
Goofy gave a thought and said "So you're saying that this door leads to a world full of arcade game people that are alive in those machines of yours?"
"Exactly. However, I am unable to open this door, no matter what I do. I very much need your help, young man. Recently I've received terrible news from a friend of Ansem's, the King, and he has told me that the Heartless and Nobodies are invading the world of my arcade games, or Game Central Station as the King puts it." Litwak continued as our heroes listened. "If I don't do anything about this, I'll be forced to shut down the arcade."
Sora asked "So, Kairi decided to go into that world to help you?"
Litwak said in deep regret "I didn't ask her, she insisted on doing it, no matter what I did to stop her. I'm very sorry for putting your friend in great peril."
Goofy tried to console the guilt-ridden man. "Aw, it's not your fault. Kairi's just that kinda person Sora likes so much. Am I right?" Goofy said as he nudged a blushing Sora.
Litwak said "Only a key bearer can open this door, and from the looks of it, you must be the one called Sora. King Mickey's told me so much about you."
Sora scratched his head, then raised out his arm to summon his keyblade.
Litwak smiled. "I see. Then I wish you good luck on your journey."
Sora pointed his key towards the door and unlocked it, causing it to emit a strange light that was cast upon our heroes, causing them to disappear out of sight as the door closed up.
This is how I picture the game if it were to have a Wreck-it Ralph world gameplay. I gave Litwak a much more important role because he deserves it.

Next: [link]

Wreck it Ralph and Kingdom Hearts (c) Disney
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wolffreak51 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Kingdom hewrst OwO , I love this game ^^
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Me too. I'm excited for KHIII to come out. :iconlaplz:
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TheCreatorsEye Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
I like this- it's so easy to imagine it happening in game and I love even more that you've given Litwak a better role - it's interesting that he knows about the characters living in the arcade- like he's watching over them ^^

You've studied the character's speech patterns really well :3 In other fanfics I've sometimes noticed characters begining to change how they speak or their personalities begin to waver slightly from how they were original created, but the talk from each character in this fic is clear and constant and very well put over.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter :3
Jasmination Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Eee, thank you. X3
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